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If you're a resident of the Puget Sound area and need legal representation or advice for real estate situations, I'm here to help. With a thriving practice, I'm available to help with contract disputes, property law, tenant/landlord issues, and the purchase of foreclosed homes.

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As a licensed attorney with the State of Washington, focusing on real estate, I’m committed to offering advice tailored towards the legal needs and goals of our clients. I place a premium on building long-standing relationships, and on achieving the goals of our clients in a reasonable and timely manner. Plus, communication is critically important to the needs of my clients. I make it a point to not only be easy to reach, but to explain everything in a manner that’s clear and concise, making property law, the foreclosure process or any other real estate principal understandable.

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As a long time resident of the Puget Sound area, I'm not only well-versed in Washington State law, but I uniquely understand the needs of my clients. It's a pleasure and a privilege to offer representation that's intelligent and energetic.

If you're investing in a foreclosed home, you're involved in a tenant/landlord dispute, or there's a problem with a contract, contact me today for help. My experience as a real estate attorney is available to my clients.

We offer representation in the Seattle area that's intelligent and honest. Our service rates are reasonable. Not sure if you have a case in property law? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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