Evictions are never easy. In Washington, trying to evict a tenant can feel almost impossible due to the numerous laws in place protecting tenants from what the courts deem as unfair treatment. Because of this, there are several different eviction processes, and the one you will need to choose will depend on the circumstances. In addition, the legality of the eviction will depend entirely on you filing the right paperwork at the right time, following the right procedure, and being careful not to skip any steps, otherwise you may have to start back at the beginning. Due to the complexity of the eviction process, it is important for you to find a lawyer in Bellevue who understands landlord tenant law in detail.

For Pre-Litigation Notices

Pre-litigation evictions are typical cases where the landlord has the right to evict a tenant based on a failure to pay rent. Not only must you have the right forms, but you have to serve your tenant’s notice in the right way, otherwise the eviction isn’t bound by law. Acceptable forms of service include:

In person: This is where you physically visit the tenant and hand them the eviction notice.

Using a substitute: You may serve notice via a substitute as long as you choose someone of suitable age and means.

Mail: You may mail the eviction notice to the tenant.

*In each of the cases above, you must provide a separate notice to each tenant.

In addition, you may also post a notice if there is only one tenant in question. To do this, you must post the notice in an obvious location, with the text out and at eye level. If it is under the welcome mat, your tenant could simply say they didn’t see it and you’ll have to start the process over.

Evictions are complicated and require careful consideration. Contact our landlord/tenant lawyers, and we’ll make sure that you have everything in order to evict a problem tenant.