While tenant leases are usually fairly straightforward, there are times when loopholes can be found and either the landlord or the tenant is left with the short end of the stick, and is unable to take legal action. Because contract law in general is so in-depth, and contract law in Washington can be even more complex, it is essential that you hire a landlord tenant attorney who understands the law and will fight for what you deserve.

At the Law Office of Daniel Pizarro, our attorneys have been handling landlord/tenant disputes as well as contract disputes for years. Because your lease is a contract, it is important for you to choose a lawyer who has experience in both areas, as well as one that is local to Seattle. While contract disputes can almost always be solved without going to court, it is absolutely essential for you to hire a lawyer so that you know you are getting the most from your case. An attorney experienced in landlord/tenant law can help you:

  • Create a solid contract before leasing a property so you know you won’t even be on the wrong side of a legal dispute.
  • Get the most from your case if you happen to get into a lease that is unfair.
  • Make sure your contract is providing you with protection should certain events occur.
  • Prepare all the necessary documentation needed to support your case.
  • And more

When it comes to contract law, you should never take chances. A qualified lawyer can help you draft a contract that offers protection, or work to get you out of an unfair lease. Contact our office today and see what we can do to help.