1. Handle Landlord/Tenant Disputes without Losing your Head

    For both landlords and tenants, it’s easy for situations to get heated, especially when the rights of each aren’t clear. Real estate law can seem like the lines are gray, but when only evidence and documentation are taken into account, it is black and white. Even still, often times, because it is dealing with property rights and living space, it can involve emotional highs and lows. Here are a…Read More

  2. Know and Protect your Rights as a Tenant

    As a renter, the time spent in a home can be a good or bad experience depending on the landlord. Likewise, experiences can start off going well and change drastically, resulting in eviction or more drastic legal proceedings. Oftentimes, landlord/tenant disputes can get messy and require a real estate attorney to help work through issues or tell you your rights as a tenant within the state of Washi…Read More