As a renter, the time spent in a home can be a good or bad experience depending on the landlord. Likewise, experiences can start off going well and change drastically, resulting in eviction or more drastic legal proceedings. Oftentimes, landlord/tenant disputes can get messy and require a real estate attorney to help work through issues or tell you your rights as a tenant within the state of Washington. These situations may involve:

  • Failure to itemize security deposit deductions
  • Failure to refund security deposit within time required by law
  • Denial by landlord to make repairs
  • Eviction notice on unlawful grounds
  • Failure to follow eviction process
  • Rent increase in the middle of the lease
  • Unreasonable rent increase
  • Code violations by the landlord
  • Use of aggressive eviction tactics
  • Eviction an unwanted house guest
  • Excessive charges for claims of extensive damages
  • Eviction of a roommate

While this isn’t a comprehensive list, these are common issues renters have with their landlords. Don’t feel like you are helpless. Washington real estate attorney Daniel Pizarro can help you sort through your rights as a tenant.

Contact our office and schedule an appointment for a consultation. Daniel will educate you about your rights as a renter and how to handle the situation in the best way possible. Sometimes, knowing how to handle any confrontations from the beginning of the situation will help diffuse conflict before it starts. He has experience in dealing with a range of landlord/tenant disputes. He knows how to help renters maintain their rights and dignity throughout any necessary legal proceedings.