For most people, buying a home is the largest and most significant purchase they’ll ever make. Whether you’re buying or selling, hiring a real estate attorney in Seattle WA early in the process will protect you against the unexpected, and ensure a smooth and low-stress closing.

  • A real estate lawyer will protect your rights and interests in the transaction as they are the only party truly “on your side.”
  • A real estate lawyer has the experience and training to handle the unique issues regarding real property, and the problems most people can’t anticipate. They see a lot of contracts and know the local customs, and can help cut through roadblocks.
  • Your attorney will review, amend and modify the brokerage contract during the attorney review period. Most “boilerplate” agreements don’t offer buyers and/or sellers the protection they deserve.
  • Your lawyer will review the purchase agreement. Suppose there’s an illegal structure on the property, or termites, radon, lead paint, asbestos, or other potentially hazardous waste? Inspection contingencies need to be clearly defined. At this point in the process, if you back out of the deal, what happens to your deposit?
  • Your attorney works with your mortgage loan officer, the other party’s attorney and agents to make sure that dates are set for attorney approval, home inspection, title search, mortgage commitment and other contingencies.
  • Your attorney will also review important documents, including legal descriptions, mortgage loan documents, the property survey, and the title and the title insurance policy.

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