The landlord tenant law in Washington is primarily designed in order to give protection to tenants. If you are a tenant and you feel you have been unjustly charged, your landlord has taken excessive liberties in visiting the property, you are receiving retaliation for filing a complaint against your landlord or your deposit was unjustly withheld, then we can help. If you are a landlord with a tenant who you feel is taking advantage of the tenant protection laws, then we can help you as well.

With years of experience, The Law Office of Daniel Pizarro offers a targeted, personal approach to landlord tenant law, regardless of which side you find yourself on. If you feel you are in an unfair or unjust situation, learn more about the landlord/tenant laws and rights in Washington, and see how a real estate attorney can help by calling us today!

Residential Landlord-Tenant Act

Perhaps the most comprehensive set of laws regarding landlord-tenant relationships, this act is broken into several sections. However, with any law, landlord tenant law is a wide-reaching subject with great depth, requiring years of study in order to fully understand and properly defend. That is why it is imperative that you contact your landlord or tenant lawyer with any dispute so that you can get the best representation possible.

Landlord Responsibilities

The first and foremost duty required from every landlord is to make the rental property fit for human habitation. While the Residential Landlord-Tenant Act details what this means, it is a far-reaching area and includes:

  • Maintaining the premises
  • Maintaining the structure
  • Keep common areas sanitary and up to code
  • Maintaining a weather-tight living condition
  • Maintaining all appliances, electrical systems and utilities
  • Provide tenants with health and safety information
  • And more

The landlord-tenant law in Washington is designed to protect tenants. However, many times this means that tenants use the laws in order to take advantage of helpless landlords. Our landlord lawyers are here to help you get the compensation you deserve, so call today!

Tenant Responsibilities

The tenant’s duty is to pay the agreed upon rent in full and on time. In addition, it is the tenant’s responsibility, by law, to:

  • Operate all appliances and utilities within the safety regulations
  • Not be a nuisance
  • Not destroy, damage or deface any property belonging to the landlord
  • Not engage in any illegal behavior on the premises
  • Abide by conduct expectations outlined in the rental contract
  • Not endanger any person or property
  • Restore the property to its initial condition upon termination of the rental agreement
  • And more

While the landlord-tenant laws in Washington are designed in order to protect tenants from greedy landlords, many slip through the cracks simply because tenants do not understand their rights. Call us today and we’ll tell you if the law is protecting you from unjust treatment. Call us today.

Each person in any contract has duties, and in a rental contract it is imperative that both parties uphold their initial agreement. However, if you find yourself subject to a tenant-landlord dispute in Seattle or the surrounding areas, The Law Office of Daniel Pizarro will be there in order to guide you through the difficult process and the intricate laws. Tenant or landlord, we can help! Call us today for your free consultation.