dreamstime_xxl_12024956What’s the best way to create a successful relationship between landlord and tenant? A solid lease. Essentially, a lease is a legal agreement between the property owner and the occupant. It should, in a clear and decisive manner, lay out the entire framework of the agreement so as not to allow any loopholes to appear.

But, as a tenant, what happens if the lease you’re asked to sign is unclear? Remember, since a lease is a legally binding document, claiming ignorance after you’ve signed it won’t get you out of the situation. You don’t have to have a good grasp of property law to read through a lease and know your rights. Also, what if your landlord won’t handle repairs and maintenance of the property in a timely fashion? Or what if you’ve moved and your landlord won’t return your deposit?

Conversely, if you’re a landlord, there’s an expectation for your tenants to pay their rent on time and keep the living space in decent shape. But what happens if they do serious damage to the property? What if they stop paying rent and you need to evict them?

When there’s a dispute between landlord and tenant, the situation can become very emotional very quickly. While it might be tempting to “take the law into your own hands,” there’s a good chance that you’ll actually undermine your own interests and jeopardize your rights. Having a real estate lawyer on your side can help avoid some of these issues from the beginning. Contact Daniel Pizarro, Attorney at Law.

I provide legal representation for both tenants and landlords, and I also handle judicial foreclosures and contract disputes. I’m committed to offering affordable legal services and providing open lines of communication. By keeping clients aware of the steps I’m taking on their behalf, as well as clearly explaining the law, my practice has been filled with satisfied clients.

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