1. Evicting A Tenant

    Evictions are never easy. In Washington, trying to evict a tenant can feel almost impossible due to the numerous laws in place protecting tenants from what the courts deem as unfair treatment. Because of this, there are several different eviction processes, and the one you will need to choose will depend on the circumstances. In addition, the legality of the eviction will depend entirely on you fi…Read More

  2. Why Hiring A Contract Lawyer Is Important

    While tenant leases are usually fairly straightforward, there are times when loopholes can be found and either the landlord or the tenant is left with the short end of the stick, and is unable to take legal action. Because contract law in general is so in-depth, and contract law in Washington can be even more complex, it is essential that you hire a landlord tenant attorney who understands the law…Read More

  3. What Are The Rights For Military Tenants

    Our servicemen and women make sacrifices every day, and because of the nature of their service and the risk that they put themselves into on a daily basis, the United States has certain benefits and extended rights in place for military personnel. Some of these are in honor of their service, such as getting to board a passenger aircraft first, but many rights are put into place for practical reaso…Read More

  4. How To Get Your Full Security Deposit Back

    Before you sign your tenant lease, it is important to make sure that you read all of the provisions for obtaining your security deposit. This is a good practice for any contract that you sign, but it is essential when dealing with landlord-tenant law in Washington. Whether you are looking for help to understand your lease or your tenant rights, our tenant lawyers in Bellevue can help. While every …Read More

  5. The Residential Landlord-Tenant Act

    The landlord tenant law in Washington is primarily designed in order to give protection to tenants. If you are a tenant and you feel you have been unjustly charged, your landlord has taken excessive liberties in visiting the property, you are receiving retaliation for filing a complaint against your landlord or your deposit was unjustly withheld, then we can help. If you are a landlord with a tena…Read More